What makes a Montessori Plus Education?

Montessori schools are different from traditional education environments in that they focus on an individualized approach to learning. We combine this approach along with the modern methodologies of a Preschool to give the best combining teachings. No child is alike, and therefore the way each child learns should be just as unique as they are. Students learn at their own pace and can pursue their own interests and passions within the classroom, rather than being confined to the predetermined parameters of learning.

At the same time there is a strongly physical dimension to many Montessori activities, encouraging refinement of large movements, balance, and appreciation of shapes, colors, and sizes. Particularly in its approach to language and mathematics Montessori begins with real experiences of the environment surrounding the child which illuminate abstract concepts – gradually building to a deep and permanent understanding of what most adults take for granted.

Our hands-on, independent learning approach allows space for students to observe, evaluate, and establish an understanding from a variety of perspectives. What all these elements have in common is that they are providing the building blocks of future learning.