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Experience the exceptional at Brightmont Montessori Academy, the premier choice for affordable montessori daycare in Spring, TX. Benefit from tailored attention and small class enrollments, fostering close-knit communities where your child can truly flourish. With remarkable teacher-student ratios, we ensure focused teaching for maximum growth in small classrooms. Engage your child intensively in our enriching learning environment, where every opportunity is optimized for their development. Say goodbye to meal planning stress as we provide daily hot meals, guaranteeing a nutritious experience. Enjoy the freedom of free enrollment and flexible options, accommodating your unique needs. Elevate your child’s early learning journey with our exceptional care and dedication. Choose Brightmont Montessori Academy for an extraordinary educational experience that combines affordability, quality, and personalized attention. Secure your child’s spot today and embark on an incredible path to success!

Montessori Plus Education for Your Child?

Montessori Plus Program is an ideal mix between the acclaimed Montessori approach and today’s age-appropriate preschool learning objectives. Montessori is an approach that focuses on the immense capacity of children to absorb information when given the freedom and independence to learn at their own pace. Brightmont Montessori Academy is a child-led approach to learning, incorporating children’s right to play, to access the outdoor environment and to feel success. Our school blends the traditional with the modern education using new-age topics to enhance Montessori technique.

The elements of Montessori

  • Family-style Meals…
  • Experienced Montessori Teachers…
  • Prepared Environment…
  • Natural Learning Materials…
  • Self-guided Work…
  • Mixed-age Classrooms…

Brightmont School offers a mix of Indoor and Outdoor Classrooms and a Dynamic Environment for Children to Play, Explore, Experience, Create, Learn and Grow.


Steps done with heart, soul, mind & strength

Brightmont Enrichment Programs


Children getting hands-on learning experience of the natural environment. The outdoor sessions will teach children respect for the nature, animals and other people.


Children develop their role play and imagination skills. Art activities can be planned to help the children further develop their creativity.

Music Dance

Leadership instills confidence, and helps children solve problems creatively, work in a team, and work collaboratively with others.


Leadership instills confidence, and helps children solve problems creatively, work in a team, and work collaboratively with others.


Language Experiences encourage children to master, and blend sounds to build words, instead of the traditional memorization of sight words.


We encourage children to spend considerable time in group sports where they are encourage teamwork and coordination.

Why Choose Brightmont School?

  • Open 6:30 am to 6:00 pm
  • Ages 6 weeks to 6 years
  • Montessori program
  • Nature driven
  • Social and emotional focus
  • Nutritious Meals
  • Smaller Classrooms
  • Frequent updates & progress reports
  • Before/After School program (coming soon)


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